Solid’s platform enables banks & companies to offer embedded banking, payments, and card products, in a safe, secure & compliant way.

Solid’s platform integrates with partner banks, enabling the bank to onboard compliant FinTech partnerships. Solid makes it easy for banks to diligence, onboard, launch, and monitor FinTech programs in full adherence to the bank’s risk and compliance standards.

Solid has compliance built into its platform, allowing partner banks to stay on top of every link in the compliance chain, removing the guesswork from launching a compliant FinTech program.

Here, you will learn how to start with Solid, your trusted platform for building, launching, and scaling your FinTech offering. ‍ Get started with your FinTech journey today. If you have any questions, please schedule a meeting with the Solid team, to discuss your FinTech use case.